All projects start as a dream in the mind of the Owner. A voyage of discovery begins with client’s ideas and passions. Than we transform these into original designs that interpret their uniquely personal requirement. We are able to design exclusive solutions in a modern or traditional style as well as our client’s needs an aspirations.



The starting phase of any project is the brief. The key objectives are defined and inspirational imagery used to meet the clients tastes and requirements.
The design and construction schedules are considered and budget agreed within the Briefing stages.



The initial shape of the planning process is the concept design. Space planning sketches and mood images are considered first along with the material palette ideas. It will be constantly develop with always more detailed sketches. When all decisions come together the client requests, in the further phase, we upgrading the project with computer drawings and images.



Once the concept stage has been assimilated, the technical team will completely involved and the starting design project can be completed through working drawings and construction information. Later all technical and data sheets can be verified by shop’s approval drawings.

Procurements & quality


Procurements of all main contracts, collaborations with craftmans, negotiation with all suppliers, travelling to select the right materials, while continually supervising and monitoring each single items quality in production, carefully numbered and listed by article codes collected in the specification list.

Shipping care


Once get the procurement of items, our final approval passing through the quality control of colors and materials before the shipping. Each item is managed by carefully packing and the loading boxes are organized with the best volumes arranging in the truck load phase.



We constantly supervise works quality throughout the fabrication, construction and fit-out phases. This is ensured by a specification booklet which contains all the technical informations of each product. Through this each contractor and supplier can be perform their ability in order to reach the best quality in the delivery.

Comparison label guide


The LSM Label is attached on each shipping package. In it you can find all the most important informations like article code and room related to the ID specification list and specification booklet. All the data are always previously provided by LSM.